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3 Questions to Emmanuelle Giron, Perfumer - Trainer



What is your experience in the world of perfume?


After having graduated from the ISIPCA of a Formulation and Sensory Evaluation Master, I first worked in the industry as a junior perfumer.

My professional experiences allowed me to work around different products: perfumes, shower gels, soaps, candles.

Subsequently, I joined the Osmothèque de Versailles which is the only National
Conservatory of Perfumes and holds a fabulous collection of historical perfumes such as Napoleon’s or mythical perfumes such as Coty’s Cyprus.


The purpose of the Osmothèque is to recreate these perfumes and then to exhibit them in the context of conferences. This very rewarding mission combined with my 20 years of experience in the perfume industry, allowed me to open up to new horizons such as business consulting and training.





Tell us about your collaboration with MPack.


I have been working as a consultant for MPack for four years now. My role is to provide them with my expertise in the context of specific packaging and POS perfuming projects or any other support such as ceramics or fabric.


Concretely, this translates into advice in choosing the method of application to adopt and a perfume control. Depending on the medium, MPack adopts a precise perfuming technique. In the case of impregnation, the perfuming is done selectively on the blotter. Immersion allows the perfuming of rigid objects such as stone or ceramics.


Finally the micro-encapsulation method, the most complex, consists in encapsulating micro-droplets of perfume so that they explode during contact and
that the perfume is released. Perfumering is not an exact science, it’s all about dosing and studying each project on a case-by-case basis. The difficulty is to remain faithful to the perfume while ensuring its good behavior on the support in time.




What do you take away from your collaboration with MPack?


MPack teams invest a lot in their work and are full of energy. The projects we are doing together are really important to them and they are working hard to make them a success. I appreciate this collaboration based on trust, availability and passion for the job.