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The combination of creativity and technical pragmatism.


The research phase plans the creative quality as well as the industrial production of the client's project.


The MPack research department consists of 12 people.

It also oversees the work of our Sourcing Department in China.


Under the direction of the Research Department Director and of your dedicated Account Manager, they examine initial creative proposals. 

It is in our special projects, such as the collector sets, that MPack‘s creativity comes fully to the fore.



• Creative idea, industrial creativity



Upstream creativity : design studio


3D volumetry : blank mock-up phase




Production consulting


• Sourcing and "creative purchasing": our office in China


The MPack Research Department is constantly in contact with our office in China, dedicated to sourcing.


With prices that rival any competition, we can react quickly to find materials, items or goodies that are often unobtainable in Europe. A precious resource for those of our clients whose ambitions do not have borders.


This added value makes the most distinguished and ambitious projects possible.