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The right product in the right place and for any method of consumption

Logistics is a highly specialised trade in its own right. Thus we suggest that you entrust your packs to our sister company M'Link.


One major added value: our industrial service is naturally extended with strategic and operational support for your logistics and supply chain management.


Our broad experience of these issues enables us to respond to any type of logistical model and challengeson an international scale.

• B2B and B2C

• On- and offline

• Cross-channel: retail and e-commerce

Directly to your retailers / sales network management

And even to your end customers


From pack to logistics : an uninterrupted momentum of service

D-Day and H-Hour culture in stores !

- Our motto : to be on the same wavelength with our clients, and at the same time.

- Four service essentials : quality, flexibility, price and deadlines.